Why choose billboard advertising over other types of advertising? Here are our top reasons:

Targeting: Generally speaking, most businesses
generate the bulk of their profits by those customers who live, work, shop or play within 3-5 miles of their business. One of billboards greatest strengths is the ability to place your advertising message where your current and future customers are located. By casting a line where the fish are biting you target more qualified prospects and minimize wasted exposure. Our billboards will effectively deliver your message to those customers who are most likely to respond. This is how we can help most small to mid-sized businesses better target their potential customers!

Directional Signage: Billboards benefit businesses which are difficult to find, hidden or off the main traveled highway by directing customers to your location.

Cost efficiency: Our billboards tend to have the lowest cost per thousand exposures compared to traditional media, which translates into more exposure for your money.

Impact: Big, bold and hard to ignore is the best way to describe our billboards. With its large size and dynamic colors your message will be seen by standing out. Considering a standard stop sign is only 5 square feet, we believe our billboards measuring 300-672 square feet will get your business noticed.

Frequency: The more times your billboard message is viewed by your prospective customer the more likely they will view your advertisement with credibility.

Timeliness: Billboards can deliver your advertising message to prospective customers who are in their vehicle looking to buy your goods or services right now. No other advertising can deliver customers to your business faster than a well placed billboard which directs the customer to your front door.

Mass Medium: Our billboards have the strength to reach all income and demographic groups within a geographic area which creates more selling opportunities because the advertising is not limited compared to other types of media.

Effectiveness: Billboards rapidly build awareness of your goods /services and maintains brand awareness.

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