Kelso Outdoor Advertising is constantly seeking property to develop new billboards. If you have commercial or industrial property and would like to explore the possibility of an income producing billboard on your property then please contact us. We would be happy to assess your property at no charge.

Benefits to the property owner include:

  • We pay top rental payments for top quality outdoor advertising billboard sites.

  • We provide an additional steady source of long term monthly revenue with no financial investment required by the property owner.

  • 100% cash-flow from a silent billboard tenant.

  • Rental income will help offset your operating costs or property taxes.

  • Minimal ground space required - Only a few square feet of unused land is all that is needed to develop this rental income stream.

  • Additional income stream will increase your borrowing power.

  • Will increase property value in the event of condemnation or sale.

  • Will allow greater utilization of your property.

  • Will enhance security by adding night time lighting.

  • Customized engineered structures are developed for each site.

  • Our structures draw attention to your property, increasing the visibility of your business or tenants.

Factors that determine the amount Kelso Outdoor will pay for leasing your property:

  • Size of billboard

  • Advertisers demand for coverage in the area

  • Traffic Count

  • Sign visibility

  • Demographics

  • Number of existing similar signs in the area

  • Illumination of billboard

Compensation packages, tailored to the needs of individual property owners, may include:

  • Long term lease with monthly rental payments

  • Prepaid easement

  • Purchase of property

Safe, high quality products:

We use the safest and highest quality technology available when fabricating and erecting our billboard structures. Each is designed and built according to the most rigid engineering requirements to meet or exceed current local, state or federal regulations.

Fully Insured:

Kelso Outdoor Advertising hold the property owner, harmless from any claims or damages for bodily injuries and physical property damage caused by our sign structures or employees. Kelso Outdoor Advertising maintains liability insurance to cover all losses for which we may be responsible.

No investment required by property owner:

Kelso Outdoor Advertising is responsible for all costs including permitting, surveying, installation, illumination, and maintenance.

With Kelso Outdoor, your property will work for you. If you are interested in submitting your property for consideration, please contact us at 407-648-7001 or email us at: